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Dynamic duos have been storming the business branch for years now, but add a third brain to that winning combination and you get a deeply motivated team of young entrepreneurs. What started out as three nervous freshmen in medicine who quickly became friends, led to the discovery of mutual interests in the entrepreneurial field.

They had a vision of an ecological clothing brand with medical influences and a chance to support a cause near and dear to their hearts. It wasn’t long until they found the perfect one: cancer research, conducted at the University of Antwerp. It was decided that part of the profit per product would go directly to the cause. Having started their master's degree at that very university, they thought it to be the perfect occasion to step out of their comfort zones and start the process of brainstorming, designing, testing and giving the final stamp of approval.

As in every modern-day company, change is the norm. A team of three grew into a power couple with a new take on an old vision. Laura Van Eyck, a student at the University of Antwerp and signed model with Models Office Bxl, teamed up with Anthony Pairon, one of the three founders of the brand. JAY evolved into a more playful and powerful concept, with truly something for everyone.

A combination of relatively minimalistic design, a simple color scheme and a personal touch, joined by thoroughness in production: the goal to be able to wear their passion on their chest was met.

 Quality, fairtrade, organic cotton, anatomy, English idioms and 

a heart of gold.

Anthony Pairon and Laura Van Eyck are more than proud to present their passion project: JAY, The Collective.


The Center for Oncological Research (CORE) is a joint oncology research platform of the University of Antwerp, with multiple expertises in the field of fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research.


CORE is dedicated to cancer research with an obvious impact on diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


“We decided to partner up with CORE because we believe in their goal, their approach and the spirit of those who make up the team. The revolutionary research that is conducted there every single day makes it a center that is at the forefront of our fight against cancer.”